Pumpkin Spice Soufflés with Blackstrap Whipped Cream & Hazelnuts

Pumpkin Spice Soufflés with Blackstrap Whipped Cream & Hazelnuts | siftandwhisk.com

I’m going to call these my Jimmy Orrante soufflés. Jimmy Orrante is my favorite local celebrity. Are you a celebrity if you are an extremely talented dancer and choreographer with BalletMet? I’m going to say yes…. 

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Pumpkin White Chocolate Pots de Creme

Pumpkin White Chocolate Pots de Creme | siftandwhisk.com

In the spirit of the season, I am getting pumpkin all up in my everything. So I’m pretty excited about today’s and Wednesday’s posts. Both feature pumpkin (and both have French origins), but they are on opposite sides of the egg coin. These pots de crème use 8 egg yolks. The soufflés I’ll be posting on Wednesday will need 8 egg whites. So save the egg whites! They’ll keep in the fridge for a relatively long amount of time, unlike egg yolks…. 

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Black Tea Apple Pie

Black Tea Apple Pie | siftandwhisk.com

Here’s my recommendation: Don’t go into a store and ask for lard. There are few things more humiliating and shame-inducing than asking where the lard is stocked. Yes, the lard. No, like a tub. Of lard. Like for baking. Not to consume with a spoon. I swear.… 

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