Merlot Boysenberry Pandowdy

Merlot Boysenberry Pandowdy |

The first real illness of your child will be the most heartbreaking thing you’ll ever encounter up until that point in your life. You will put him down to bed as usual. You will read the stories that you now know by heart the sun has set not long ago….

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Roasted Peach & Anise Hyssop Ice Cream

Peach & Hyssop Ice Cream |

As I mentioned before, my Nonna gave me 42 peaches. As you can imagine, they weren’t looking that great after a few days, but I knew that they still tasted fantastic. Too ripe to slice nicely and be arranged on a tart or a galette, maybe, but just the right consistency for pureeing….

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Peach & Basil Hazelnut Frangipane Tart

Peach & Basil Hazelnut Frangipane Tart |

I should read the news in the morning, but sometimes it’s just too depressing and I feel the burden of the world’s problems on my shoulders and a frustration that I feel powerless to do anything about them.

I should take a shower every day during Nolan’s morning nap, but sometimes I’d rather bake or play video games or just enjoy the quiet….

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Peach & Blueberry Galette with Buckwheat Crust

Peach & Blueberry Galette with Buckwheat Crust |

When my Nonna called me and told me she had bought a big box of peaches and she couldn’t eat them all herself, I expected that she’d have maybe a dozen peaches to give me. What I actually went home with was no fewer than 42 perfectly ripe peaches. And this was after I had stopped at the blueberry farm on the way to her house to pick nearly 5 pounds of blueberries….

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Campfire S’mores Ice Cream

The Best S'more Ice Cream |

All right, everyone. Time to throw in the towel. I’ve officially made the best s’mores ice cream on the internet. Maybe even in the world at large. I don’t normally make such bold claims about the superiority of my recipes, but this is the real deal….

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