Vegan Roasted Strawberry & Black Pepper Muffins with Balsamic Streusel Topping

Vegan Roasted Strawberry & Black Pepper with Balsamic Streusel Topping |

This weekend, I was finally able to go to the farmers’ market. I had heard that there was rhubarb the week prior for $2 cheaper per pound than I’ve been seeing at the grocery store. I also heard that one of the local farms had their first strawberry crop in, which surprised me given that we’re only halfway through May and this is Ohio, not California (wahhh)….

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Mango Swirl Banana Bread

Mango Swirl Banana Bread |

For some reason, I stopped eating fresh bananas for a while. I usually run hot and cold on foods. I once ate apples every day until I could no longer stand the mere thought of eating a raw apple. I didn’t eat bananas quite that much, but at some point (possibly during my pregnancy?) I was just like, “Blechhh, no more bananas!” I still enjoyed the flavor, so it must have just been a textural thing….

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Salt & Pepper Snickerdoodle Cookies

Salt & Pepper Snickerdoodles |

I inadvertently took almost an entire month off from blogging! I normally have been very good about keeping to my two-a-week schedule, and even though I missed a post here and there after I had Nolan, I still was able to mostly keep on top of things. And then… he started crawling! [Insert cry-laugh emoji here.]

It does make things a bit more difficult when every five seconds I have to go pull him out from under a table, keep him from chewing on cords, and pull things out of his mouth (you know, lint, grass, dust, a stray dried chickpea near the stove). It doesn’t matter how much I vacuum or sweep, the boy will always find something to put in his mouth….

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Coffee, Coconut, & Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chunk Cookies (aka Mocha Mauis)

Coffee, Coconut, & Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chunk Cookies |

When I was making homemade Girl Scout cookies last month, Phillip continually referred to the Savannah Smiles as “Mocha Mauis,” at first as a placeholder for a name he couldn’t remember, and later just because he thought it was funny. Eventually we started talking about what exactly would go into a cookie called a Mocha Maui. Coffee & chocolate were givens, but macadamia nuts and coconut also had to make their way into these cookies to get a Hawaiian vibe going….

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